Fast and vast. Sowa’s Procurement capability

We have a capability of the procurement network inside and outside the country as well as producing various parts in-house. We will tailor and deliver parts to our customers with in-house production and overseas local procurement accordingly.

Procurement work
Relationship between in-house parts and procurement parts

Examples of procured parts

Machined parts

Machined parts
Machined parts
Machined parts
From 500 pieces
Startup days
Within 1 month
Good at functional parts rather than appearance parts

Resin molding

Resin molded parts
Resin molded parts
Resin molded parts
ABS / POM / PC / PE / PP etc.
Number of days for mold statp
About 1.5 months
For thermoplastic · thermosetting · 2 colors · inserts etc. 100 t or less is for in-house manufacture

Various electronic parts

Various electronic parts
Handling record

Various harness

Power cable


DC fan

Inlet outlet plug

Die Cast Parts

Zinc / Aluminum / Magnesium
Number of days for mold statp
Within 1.5 ~ 2 months


Oxygen-free copper etc.
Surface treatment
Electric tin plating etc.
Circle / Y type

Press sheet metal parts

Sheet metal parts

Shaft parts


Other procurement examples

  • Various press parts
  • Various resin molding
  • Various fans
  • Membrane SW
  • Fasteners
  • Springs

Flow of delivery of procured parts

Flow of Delivery

Oversea procurement can be easy as if procuring from domestic manufactures

The biggest advantage is that our customers benefit from oversea procurement simply by meeting with us. Finalizing the business in Japan enables to procure overseas. At your ease, we offer web conferences with local staff. In addition, oversea procurement ‘Out – Out” such as export from our factory in Vietnam to our customer factories in China is also available.


Point 1 overseas procurement
Oversea procurement is possible just meeting our sales personnel in Japan


Point 2 overseas procurement
A system that allows you to communicate with local staff through web conference


Point 3 Overseas Procurement
Procure exports of Out → Out from our Vietnam factory ( Out → In is also available)

Bases / networks

We have a plentiful experience in overseas shipping. We will transport the products in accordance with customers’ request using our network both inside and outside the country. Also we will chose the best option for the procurement route.

Network of procurement and manufacturing at Sowa

Network of procurement and manufacturing at Sowa

Component manufacturing procurement image

With the combination of parts procurement power and in-house manufactured parts making full use of the strengths of global procurement network.

Combination of parts procurement power and in-house manufactured parts

Southeast Asia Logistics Network

The logistics network of the Sohwa Group has a regular service of its own special container from Vietnam and Taiwan once a week. Unlike consolidated cargoes, we adjust loading depending on products with considerations. Moreover, since one container is charted for loading, we offer a reasonable price for shipping.

Southeast Asia Logistics Network

Convenience stores overseas procurement

It is possible to take the style of 【out → out】 【out → in】 【in → out】.