We cover the whole process of coil manufacture with details. Thus, we promise our customers the cost efficiency as one of benefits.

Vietnamese working staff
Coil manufacture

Providing coil windings that cannot be beaten by its price and quality in Japan

Our coil winding business is done by hand at the Vietnam factory. Our products equal in quality the one in Japan with less cost due to the local labor cost.

In addition, since the Company capable of producing a bobbin in-house molding, we have managed to reduce procurement costs.

Because it is manufactured locally in Vietnam, we cover various tasks accompanying coil manufacturing, especially insulating tape attachment, soldering and lead wire cutting which need to be handled by hand work etc.

Features of Sohwa’s coil windings

Insulation tape sticking
Insulation tape sticking
Lead wire production
Lead wire production
Rare short test  Withstand voltage test
Rare short test Withstand voltage test
Sealing molding
Sealing molding

Capable area

Winding method
Solenoid type coil (shaft spindle)
Corresponding wire diameter
Type of windings
  • Type of windings:2PEW、2UEW 2PFW 3UEW
  • Lead wire suppliers : Japan, China


Coil winding product 1
Coil winding product 2
Coil winding product 3

VA proposals

In-house production related to coil manufacturing

Lead wire production
In-house production of bobbins

In-house manufacture of lead wire manufacturing, peeling and spare solder

In-house manufacturing of bobbins

Procure inexpensive magnet wires and lead wires

Leave everything to us from procurement related to coil manufacturing to processing and assembly.

Winding video