We offer a wide variety of industrial plastic parts ranging from consumer products to medical field.

Sample of resin molded product

Our company has been manufacturing resin for more than a quarter of a century.

We mainly manufacture in our own factory in Vietnam. We respond widely to procurement from Japan and Taiwan to meet our customer’s needs.

Sohwa’s resin product point

Handling of “thermoplastic resin” and “thermosetting resin” respectively

In addition to procurement and manufacture of resin parts, assembly of units and products is offered

Delivery results in a wide range of fields including medical equipment parts

Examples of major resin molded parts

Resin molded parts
Resin molded parts
Resin molded parts

Handling material and resin color

List of material names

Thermoplastic resin
Thermosetting resin
Phenol resin, unsaturated polyester resin

About resin color

Producing with the color of your choice is possible. Please feel free to contact us.

About processing accompanying resin manufacture

Thermosetting resin deburring
Thermosetting resin deburring
Sealing molding
Sealing molding

other products

Various manufacturing parts of our achievement

  • Machine tool parts
  • Office equipment parts
  • Vending machine parts
  • Medical equipment parts


  • automobile related
  • Information communication equipment related
  • housing and house appliances
  • Medical

Flow of procurement of resin molded parts

We select the optimum location at each base in Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam according to the cost, delivery date, quantity etc. of the resin parts that meet our customers’ requirements




  • Hearing for requirements / Specification etc.

  • 3D data reception

  • Presentation of quote

  • Mold manufacture

  • Implement trial

  • Inspection

  • Mass production manufacture

main equipment

Resin molding machine
Resin molding machine
Thermosetting resin molding machine
Thermosetting resin molding machine