Cost reduction for aluminum die-cast products

Consistent compliance until post processing

Die casting work
Die-cast products

Expanded die casting business in Ho Chi Min district, Vietnam

We are the first Japanese company which started die casting business in Ho Chi Ming city in Vietnam

We deal with material procurement from surrounding countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and China as well as secondary processing such as lathe machining. In addition, we offer a surface treatment as post processing at lower cost.

The point of Sohwa die-cast

Purchasing from Malaysia, Thailand and China at favorable time in terms of the rate
Secondary processing
Enhancing the production equipment. Lathe・MC and processing range expanded.
Surface treatment
Trivalent chemical treatment was laid in 2015
We have managed to manufacture units products in Vietnam by developing local suppliers.
We also have plentiful achievements of other OUTOUT by using our own containers

Speedy set-up

  • The first delivery within 1.5 months which is similar to the one in Japan after business arrangements are completed
  • “Manufacturing mold locally” “After trying the production in Japan, transporting to Vietnam” Either of options is available. We accept the drawing in both CAD date or paper

Secondary processing and surface treatment are available

  • Number of: 2 350t / 1 250t / 1 135t ( More than these pn the left is available for outsourcing)
  • Secondary processing equipment: milling cutter, lathe, shot blasting, arozin treatment tank, impregnation treatment tank, leak tester
  • Other outsourcing processing (around the factory): press

Vietnam is rich in bauxite (aluminum material)

  • Vietnam is the world’s third largest reserve of bauxite
  • Attracting as the bauxite production center. Mining is estimated to be at least a minimum of 60 years up to 200 years.
A factory in Vietnam and its local staff
Vietnam labor cost (JETRO index)

Vietnam factory is located in VSIP (Industrial park in Vietnam・Singapore)

Industrial parks have their own power supply. Electricity, transportation and living and communication infrastructure are well developed.

Located in Bihn Duong Province, about 17km from Ho Chi Minh City, VSIP is easily accessible from Tan Son Nhat airport and other major river ports.

Aluminum die-cast

Procurement country

  • Vietnam
  • Taiwan
  • China

Molding machine

  • Vietnam – 350t
  • Taiwan -1.800t

Estimated size for molding

  • 350t W300mm☓H200mm☓D70mm
  • 800t W800mm☓H600mm☓D100mm
  • 1,800t W1,000mm☓H1,000mm☓D1,000mm

Estimated quantity for molding

  • 350t→1.5kg
  • 800t→5.0kg

Die-cast secondary processing and post-processing

Machining process
Machining process
Impregnation treatment line
Impregnation treatment line
Trivalent chemical treatment
Trivalent chemical treatment

Product example

Aluminum die-cast products
Aluminum die-cast products
Aluminum die-cast products
Aluminum die-cast products
Aluminum die-cast products
Aluminum die-cast products

other products

Various manufacturing parts of our achievement

  • Construction machine parts
  • Home appliance parts
  • Infrastructure parts
  • Machine tool parts


  • Automobile related
  • Information communication equipment related
  • Housing and house appliances
  • Buildings

Companies that we had a business with

  • Toyo Keiki Co., Ltd
  • Fuji Electric Co., Ltd
  • GE Healthcare Japan Co., Ltd
  • Koike Sanso Kogyo Co., Ltd

Trusted quality management system

In order our customers to feel confident with products supply, we have our own quality control system.

We deliver stable supply of products in Vietnam factory since our quality education of local employees, in-process and final inspection achieved a similar results

Product inspection

Main equipment

A facility for die-cast
A facility for die-cast
Surface treatment equipment
Surface treatment equipment
Late・ MC processing equipment
Late・ MC processing equipment