Internal manufacturing and secondary processing at our factory in Vietnam

We handle in-house production of aluminum drawn parts at Vietnam factory and aluminum extrusion parts purchase extrusion molded parts at low cost by utilizing our own procurement network and secondary processing at our own Vietnam factory

Aluminum drawing

  • Manufacturing in Vietnam factory

Aluminum extrusion

  • Our own procurement network and secondary processing at Vietnam factory

Aluminum extrusion processing

Aluminum extrusion processing including heat sinks and equipment rails

In order to offer low-cost products, processing is done in our own Vietnam factory by using Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam procurement network

Aluminum extrusion processing

Aluminum extrusion

Procuring products

Secondary processing

Sohwa’s Vietnam factory


Procurement country

  • Vietnam (near Ho Chi Minh)
  • Taiwan (Taichung / Tainan area)
  • China (Hunan area)

Estimated size for molding

  • 3,000t 250mm☓250mm
  • 2,500t 200mm☓200mm
  • 1,800t 180mm☓180mm

A line of aluminum materials

  • Series 5000 Japan, Taiwan and China
  • Series 6000 Japan, Taiwan, China and Vietnam
  • Series 7000 Japan, Taiwan and China

Aluminum drawing

We handle aluminum drawing at Vietnam factory

We manufacture rollers and printer roller parts used for photoconductors of toner cartridges which are required for inner and outer diameter precision.

In addition, it is also possible to carry out integrated production from aluminum drawing. We are the only company that is capable of operating from drawn processing to cutting

Aluminum drawing

1. Aluminum cold drawn processing

Processing range

  • Outer diameter Φ 20 mm to 50 mm / inner diameter Φ 18 mm to 48 mm
  • Internal and external diameter accuracy ± 0.02 mm

2. Outer diameter mirror surface processing (ultra precision cutting)

Processing range

  • Outer diameter Φ20mm~60mm/ inner diameterΦ18mm~58mm

Surface roughness

  • Mirror surface processing Rz 0.4 μm or less
  • Rough surface processing Rz 0.5 μm to μm

Shake width ± 0.03 mm or less

3. Other processing

  • Cutting surface both ends machining
Aluminum drawing

Our strengths

We process drawing at Vietnam factory which has a facility that enables to handle mass production.

Aluminum drawn processing and other processing steps can be handled consistently around Southeast Asia (one stop correspondence)

We are the only company to produce mirror surface processing of outer diameter surface from extraction in Southeast Asia

where the products have been processed

Product example

aluminum extruction processed goods
Aluminum extruction processed goods
aluminum drawing processed goods
Aluminum drawing processed goods